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Gina's Upcoming Classes

Gina's Upcoming Classes

Gina Woods

I am another you..just being, just experiencing life through my lenses and senses. My name is Gina Woods and I am a lover of all things herbal, delicious, transformationally healing, ALCHEMY. I Am a mama to two amazing boys. Who help me keep striving to be better and keep on my path, always learning, sharing, loving and simply enjoying. I welcome you and hope you enjoy what you see here!

“I have been using Woods Apothecary healing products for over ten years now. I have to say they are the only products I use and I love them! Gina has helped me to excel in my health and well-being and take things to the next level! 

Hanna Teter

Professional Snowboarder

I can honestly say I have never tried anything that worked as good as the topical herbal ointment that I got from Gina Woods-Teter ! At 55 years old my rheumatoid arthritis is extremely painful! Trying to keep snowboarding & training & competing in full 26.2 mail skateboarding marathon! Gina’s herbal remedies is the best thing I found to keep me going! Bobby Bills 55 years old True believer Gina has healing Magic Bobby Bills

55 years old True believer Gina has healing Magic

My experience with Gina , as a student, and a client, has completely changed my outlook on medical care. The issues I sought help with were related to digestion, and, with limited results in conventional care, I was excited and pleased she took the time to learn my history, and, food choices. Her recommendations have helped me tremendously, and, her ongoing willingness to educate and fine tune my herbal and nutritional needs has been uplifting and a huge breath of fresh air………Thank You so much for being here and doing what you do……….it’s badly needed in our community and culture at large…..Great Work! 🙂

Jim Bitner

Gina is such a wealth of information.  I took a local herb walk with Gina and was blown away by the amount of healing plants located in Tahoe.   We barely walked more than 10 feet at time until the next discovery, it was an eye-opening experience.  I hight recommend taking a class or two. Kathleen Hood

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Phone: 530-416-1444

Email: thewoodsapothecary@gmail.com


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