Kefir, traditionally a fermented milk product from the northern Turkish communities. Kefir the word literally translates to mean “feel good”. Makes me want to try it just thinking that is what it means! Kefir supports the bacteria and enzymes in the gut to better digest foods consumed and break down pathogenic bacteria that enter the gut.

coconut kefir and raspberries

Traditionally kefir is made with kefir grains a combination of yeast and bacteria that grows during the fermentation process. These grains are also traditionally never sold in commerce for that would bring bad luck to the one that sold them. But the grains can be  acquired via the internet or from a friend that makes traditional kefir.

This kefir is made from a couple of digestive enzyme capsules and coconut milk! Just about any milk is suitable to make kefir.

coconut kefir and inoculant

So keep an open mind about what works for you and your family and make substitutions. Give it a try and “feel good” from the added digestive power kefir gives you as well as a delicious versatile addition to your diet.

I use this kefir as a sour cream, buttermilk or yogurt substitute, sweet and savory flavors work great! Try it with beans or potatoes as sour cream or with fruit and honey or maple syrup as a yogurt like treat. Let me know your favorite way to use it.

Coconut milk kefir

One can of organic coconut milk (full fat) or 1 large coconut with firm meat and make your own coconut milk

2-3 capsules digestive enzymes. I use Natures Way Primadophilus Optima or 1/2 t of any powdered preparation containing at least L acidophilus, L casei, L bulgaricus and more..

pour contents into pint jar; Milk, and bacterium and shake vigorously for 1 minute

Put lid on loosely so it doesn’t explode and put in warm dark place for 24-36 hours. Check after 24 hours to see if a “sour” smell has  begun if not leave longer to ferment. When ready close lid securely and refrigerate. This mixture will become rich and thick like a yogurt after a couple days in the fridge but it is ready right away. For the next 5 batches you can reserve about 1/2 cup to inoculate the next batch to ferment again for 24-36 hrs. Just always use the same kind of milk as the previous batch or start over with a new milk choice and enzymes.  Remember you can use any milk product and they all vary in flavor and consistency. Experiment and enjoy!