Besides getting enough good hydration internally via drinking enough water and internal moisturization…   Here is a good external remedy for soothing dry itchy skin….  Start by filtering your water for bathing and drinking if you live in a municipal water district especially.  An amazing aid to moisturizing the skin is exfoliation and oiling while the skin is wet! A good way to accomplish both is using a skin treatment in the shower that utilizes oil and salt or sugar. You can purchase the Luminous Body Polish @ or make your own.

Start with a good quality sea salt or sugar. Salt is more alkaline and detoxifying, the sugar provides an acidic condition to exfoliate deeper. Mix in a bowl with equal amounts (or enough to cover) infused herbal or plain olive or another good quality fruit oil such as grape seed, apricot kernel, etc and mix well. Add some good quality gentle essential oils to nourish the skin and scent the mixture such as Rose, Lavender, Rose Geranium etc. (avoid Citrus oils for this application as they can dry and irritate skin if already sensitive).

Exfoliating in the  warm shower benefits the skin by opening the pores and trapping moisture in the skin’s newly exposed layers. The oils deeply moisturize and sink right in. Massage skin with the mixture starting at the periphery and move toward the heart, moving briskly. Than rinse thoroughly ta-da!  Not a facial treatment, more on that to come…Be aware this mixture will make the shower slippery so be careful. Enjoy this easy, effective and inexpensive remedy for dry itchy skin by exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing all at the same time!

Added benefits of this treatment are stimulating of lymphatic system and increasing circulation, keeping your body healthy and luminous!