I am  firm believer that food is medicine. We are what we eat quite literally.  A manifestation of the very things we ingest. The bodies cells renew themselves daily fueled by what is consumed.

Carica papaya    

Food permeates every level of the human experience. Ritual, necessity, sensuality, nourishment, art, a tactile experience, the very foundation of life and an opportunity to acknowledge connection with source . It is an act of devotion; a farmer tending the field, a forager on a quest, an animals life transformed. All elements come together when we cook; fire, water, earth, air and ether, true alchemy. Through the very act of nourishing ourselves humans have transformed our earth; dug in the soil, gathered the waters, directed the sun’s rays, diverted the winds, harnessed the power of animals and so on, all for the quest for food and life.

How can it be that we have grown so far away from the source of our food, manipulated, modified and plasticized our sacred nourishment? People are addicted and allergic to food demonizing and condemning it for the way they look in their jeans! In all aspects of life one can witness the separation from source, the natural forces that feed our lives. All it takes is an acknowledgement of the essence of life present in all of nature, enjoy the beauty, allow this to awaken your senses. This simple act has the power to lure us back on track to honoring earth our home our provider. No man can do better than she at nourishing our very existence. Though man may try, creation is superior when left to the natural design.

Make a conscious effort to appreciate the wonder that is our food. Relish in the beauty of a fruit, the sweetness of the juices. Let the beauty be transformed in your body to pure nutriment. There is a love affair for life in nature waiting to be discovered!