Mushroom Salmon Roe fritatta

Here are a couple of Quiche or shall we say fun with fritatta? Hmmm Well either way egg and savory ingredients together can be a delightful crowd pleaser. As long as you have eggs on hand, the end result can vary with your mood and always satisfy even the most picky eaters! In spain they call it Tortilla (which fooled me at first), eggs whipped up with scalloped potatoes…sabroso! Even enough variety to please a paleo, vegetarian, grain free, dairy free types of eaters, the posibilities are endless. More egg, less eggs, filled with meat, cheese, vegetables, grains, pasta and herbs. I most often use leftovers and that is when yummy creative lunches or light suppers happen.dandelion chive tortilla de Espagnola

Here are two recipes I’ve photographed lately.


start off with 6-8 crimini mushrooms and one medium onion, chopped. Saute for5 min on med heat with pinch of salt and olive oil.

Add 1-2 Zucchini  and saute 2 min more. Chop and add 1 hand full fresh dill.

Crack and scramble 10 eggs and 1/2 cup water and salt 1t.

Pour egg mixture in pan over semi arranged vegies and add roe to top about 1/2 cup. ( Or you can substitute with strong flavored fish or omit all together. It will still be great!

cover and cook on low/med heat for 20 min.  yumm



Startwith 6 med size preboiled red potatoes. Cut in to rounds and arrange on pan with garlic and olive oil.

crack and whisk 5 eggs with 1/4 cup water and pinch of salt. Add 20 or so fresh Dandelion buds/flowers whole but de-stemed.

Pour egg mixture over cooking potatoes. Add fresh Chives and dry Dill if preferred. Cover for 15 min or so on low/med heat..yummyumm