Dry skin runs rampant this time of year. But there are things you can do to keep your skin healthy and glowing! Firstly remember to DRINK MORE WATER that is one of the best things for hydrating your skin!! I try to eat a lot of soups in my diet to conquer the drying effects of foods such as grains, meats and the like. I also include around 1 TBLS of high quality coconut oil internally daily, keeps me all lubed up on the inside.

Then we can begin with the skin! This body butter recipe is sooo luxurious and easy to make with only 3 ingredients, plus essential oils if you wish. The intoxicating chocolaty aroma will make you want to lick it up (and really you or your lover could! ;). I recomend applying everywhere, just after a shower or bath while skin is warm and moist for easy absorbtion. Then linger for a few moments in the nude (for fun and to not oil up your clothing).

I buy all these ingredients @ vitacost.com.  A great website/store with super good deals.

the recipe:

all three ingredients!

10 oz virgen COCONUT OIL (can be infused with any botanical you wish for added love)


1 oz shredded BEE’S WAX (optional, will hold up better in hot climates)

Essential oils of choice. I have used and loved Peppermint, Orange, Rose, Clove etc…basically anything that goes with chocolate! Dosage dependent on EO.

Melt all ingredients together on LOW heat until fully melted. Let cool slightly. Then pour into jars.

The butter will firm as it cools and melts as you apply on your body.That is it, super easy and equally amazing! ENJOY!