I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains and here we are blessed with an abundant harvest of Manzanita. This year I made a very tasty mulled brandy that I hope you’ll love too!

Manzanita is a powerful ally to the bears here. They gorge on the berries for a last supper before they retire for a long winters nap. Evident in all the remains of bear poo. They seem to do a good job at helping move things along to clear the bears GI for a clean sleep.

The indigenous people had celebrations and feasts when the berries were ripe and the European settlers followed suit. Both groups made a cider like drink from the berries and natives preserved them in cakes made with meat.

The Berries have a sour flavor that have a healing affinity for the urinary tract. High in tannins and very astringent, Manzanita leaf and berries can be used in healing a UTI or toning up the bladder where incontinence is an issue. Also a very good addition to postpartum sitz bath. The berries are a good source of Vit C and are a tasty addition to the Autumn feasts!


Take one quart of a nice brandy

1 cup crushed Manzanita berries

1/4 cup Cinnamon chips and a few peppercorns

Macerate herbs in brandy for 2-4 weeks. Strain and bottle up.

Serve with hot apple cider and a cinnamon stick  or warm gently and have as is YUMM, ENJOY!