The ingredients.

This is like the most amazing redemption recipe I have encountered in a very long time. I mean I never eat store bought marshmallows. They are absolute crap!! GMO corn syrup, artificial flavor and color, nothing like the real old fashioned thing that once was!

The REAL DEAL marshmallow is even dare I say it, medicinal! Marshmallow rt is soothing, mucilaginous, and healing to the mucous membranes and smooth muscle lining of the throat and GI. Can you believe the humble beginings of a marshmallow treat were used as a medicinal aid for sore throat, ulcer and tummy ache!  And thegrass fed gelatin adds a collagen boosting component, sooo good for the joints and skin!

These homemade treats taste and feel so similar to the store bought ones I had to keep tasting the first times just to make sure I was really eating a REAL marshmallow!

Also so easy to enhance with other flavors the possibilities are endless! White fir, Rose, peppermint, cacao, etc….All soooo yummy!

some yum flavors; White Fir, Rose, Mint, Neroli so many or just plain, soo good!


1 cup Marshmallow cold infusion

1&1/2 TBLS  powdered Marshmallow rt.  in 1&1/4 cup water (enough to end up with 1 cup) Steep for at least one hour. Strain through muslin bag.

straining the tea

4 TBL Gelatin  (I use great lakes a grass fed animal product)

1 cup honey (can use infused for a particular flavor)

1tsp vanilla or other flavor (Rose hydrosol, Peppermint, almond etc)

Mix together 1/2 cup infusion and gelatin. Stir and let sit.

Boil 1/2c infusion with honey until soft ball stage. 240 degrees or about 9 min. I know heated honey isn’t that great but…..

in mixer add honey mix to geletin mix and whip on med to high speed for aprox 10- 13 min

until marshmallow fluff consistancy or stiff peaks are formed. Can be used at this stage too (be creative)!

Add flavors the last couple min and incorporate.

stiff peaked marshmallow fluff

Oil or line with partchment paper  a 12in baking pan.

Pour marshmallow fluff, scraping sides of mixer with rubber spatula. Form/smooth top as flat as possible. Let set out in room temp for a few hours or overnight.

Flip on to an oiled surface and cut with oiled knife. Be creative with your shapes, you could even use oiled cookie cutters!

Do not refrigerate! Store in airtight container in room temp. Will last 1-2 weeks like this. Serve your favorite marshmallow ways… by them selves, in hot cacao, dusted with cocoa powder, smores anyone?

Spiced hot cacao with rose marshmallows mmmmmm!

Enjoy like a kid again and rest assured in knowing they are actually HEALTHY! But no one has to know 😉 Let me know your favorite flavors!