Here is a recipe my kids LOVE!

I got tired of fending off the barrage of candy in the store, including health food stores! My little’s would always notice the colorful gummy candies…so alas, I made some and they are in gummy heaven. I am smiling as well, because with every bite of gummy, they are getting the powerful herbal healing of the plants I made them with. I like this recipe but there are so many to create, the herbal combinations and possibilities are endless. Another benefit is the rich source of collagen in the high quality gelatin. Healing to the tissues of the body and  a potent cell food. Try one for healing GI complaints, soothing a sore throat, mineral/vitamin rich supplement and more!


Yummy gummy!

Here is my High C, Immune boost gummy

Rose Hip and Elderberry (Or any)

In small pot combine;

1 cup (total)  3/4 c herbal syrup diluted with 1/4 c water. OR 1 cup herbal decoction and 1/4 c honey or maple syrup simmered to reach 1 cup total volume.

Add 4T grass fed gelatin, stir rapidly to dissolve gelatin.

Increase heat to low boil for 1 min. stirring constantly.

Cool slightly, while greasing pyrex or other pan with coconut oil.

Pour 1in deep in pan to set. put in fridge or cool area for 40 min. Store in fridge for up to two weeks.

Cut with serrated knife for worm effect, or any other shape that suites your fancy! Enjoy!