hot spiced cacao in the hands of a happy child!

Who can resist hot chocolate on a snowy or rainy afternoon? Not me or my kids. Even better, a spiced cacao of the gods (not the adulterated, alkali added cocoa).

Theobroma cacao is an amazing tree. The seed pods are an antioxidant abundant, super food of the Mayan and pre Mayan civilaizations. Now available for our enjoyment!

Cacao  or Kakaw as the pre Olmec civilizations of Mexico once called it. It was believed that the Plumed Serpent gave cacao to the Maya people when they were created from maize, by the divine grandmother goddess..   Xmucane.[14].

The people would typically make a drink from the fermented beans and mix it with spices such as Vanilla, chili and maize etc.They would then drink it to elevate consciousness, aid in divinations and commune with spirit. Samples collected suggest that fermentation in to an alcoholic beverage also occured. Yumm!

Health benefits of Cacao include, a powerful antioxident essence, anti-inflamatory properties, increases metabolism, loweres blood pressure, afrodisiac, precurser to seretonin (makes you feel good) and high in magnesium! Powerful stuff, no wonder Theobroma cacao literally means food of the gods!

Here I combine the sacred bean with other spices to create a drink close to the ancient recipes for a truly close to god experience!

Recipe for 1 cup cacao spice blend powder to add to water or milk of choice;

3/4 cup raw cacao powder

1/4 c coconut sugar or similar (more for a sweeter drink)

1 t chili powder

1t ginger rt powder

1t vanilla (scraped from the inner portion of bean)

1t Cinnamon

1 pinch of Cayenne powder

Mix well combining spices with a fork or mortor and pestal. Store in jar, ready for use.

To make drink;  Heat water, milk or any milk alternative or combination (whatever your preference, all tastes great) and add 2t of cacao. Blend well and froth with a hand blender of some sort. Enjoy warm and elevate! Could also like to be combined with a libation of choice for another level cocktail! ENJOY!

Spiced cacao pictured here with homemade herbal marshmallows and traditional Mexican milk frother