This is a tale of the second “stomach flu” to penetrate it’s way in to my little boys body in one year….. The stomach flu AKA gastroenteritis is inflammation of the lining of the GI, due to a viral or bacterial infection. I give thanks for the fast acting activated charcoal, herbs and isotonic beverages!!

My son had been vomiting and had diarrhea off and on for two days and throughout this and as soon as he could hold fluids down I gave him his hydrating fluid; 1 cup body temp water or Chamomile (anti-inflamatory, anti-bacterial, carminative), gingermint tea (anti-nausea) and a bit of Osha honey (Anti-viral and digestive )with 1t raw apple cider vinegar. Recipe varied between combinations with  Echinacea, Elder berry, Chamomile Cinnamon and ginger.  This works well to hydrate after such great fluid loss and the herbs work to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria and viruses, calm the stomach, nerves and help get to sleep. We added the proverbial brewed ginger ale and some coconut water to change it up a bit. He was starting to feel better. I also gave him a gentle abdominal and foot massage with rose and Chamomile infused oil.

easy to mix with water for an instant healing kid and infant friendly beverage .

Then sometime after his nap we administered a 3/4 cup mix of water with two capsules activated charcoal mixed in (let it sit to mix well) and one capsule to swallow. Along with the herbs mentioned above. We continued with one capsule of charcoal 3 more times throughout the next day and the herbal tea and glycerites for 4 more days with probiotic enzymes.

Within no time he was feeling better and up for a small meal of some mildly spiced congee with sea salt, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and a little piece of sprouted toast. Hooray.!! It is heartbreaking to see your little one sick and as a caring parent it  is empowering and soothing to the soul to help them feel their best.