It is getting hot! At our house the warm weather brings with it a desire for cool creamy things. Being a mama of two hearty, busy boys I am always striving to to the best for our collective health and still have fun, yummy food choices available. I Have here a most delicious, healthy, versitile ‘ice cream’ recipe that I want to share. This can be made with NO sweetener besides fruit and as vegan or not, as you want!

This method is as simple as making a smoothie, however with very limited liquids.

I take frozen fruit (usually add frozen or non frozen banana to make it more creamy and sweet) A drop or two milk of choice (i use fresh almond milk or whatever I want the flavor to be ie coconut milk or even tea). I blend in vita mix on high using the smasher tool. That is it, stiff enough to put on a cone even!

Mango banana

stiff enough for a cone!

Here are some flavor examlpes”

Chocolate banana- with cacao powder and frozen banana

Chocolate mint with frozen banana cacao powder and mint extract

Chai spice- with banana and chai concentrate (that I make from chai tea)

Strawberry Rose delight- frozen strawberries, frozen dates, coconut cream and rose elixer

Mango lassi- with frozen mango and yoghurt of choice

The possibilities are endless!!

Play with your favorite flavor combinations and let me know how it goes. . All you need is a little forethought, freezer space and a powerful blender. Enjoy!