mmmm spring is an awakening for our body, mind and pallet! Here in the Sierras the snow still covers most of the ground but the birds are chirping. I took a drive to the land of spring, just down the mountain and found some delicious goodies to add to our dinner.

Wild onion

The wild greens are scrumptious, radish, minor’s lettuce, dandelion, chickweed, dock, nettle the list goes on and on. Wild greens are packed with vital nutrients our bodies crave  as spring rears it’s sunny head. They help to cleanse the stagnant energy of winter’s heavy diet and get the digestive juices flowing.

Here are a couple of recipes I made using some wild greens

Chickweed, Stellaria media a gorgeous little herb that heralds spring. This herb is cleansing, mucilaginous, vulnerary (wound healing), and provides abundant minerals and vitamins. Here where I live she often grows amongst minor’s lettuce so I harvest and use both for this recipe.

Chickweed pesto;

A couple bunches of chickweed

5 cloves of garlic

a heaping handful of walnuts

3/4 cup Olive oil

lemon juice from 1/2 small lemon , salt and pepper to taste

blend olive oil walnuts and garlic in food processor. Add Chickweed, lemon juice, salt and pepper and pulse for about 1 min. Enjoy! Can be stored  in the fridge in a jar with a little extra olive oil on top for about a week.


Wild Pilaf:

It may be spring but it is still cold out here, so I still crave hearty grains. We also have some dehydrated Bolete mushrooms from the fall, sooooo I made this tasty wild rice and wild green’s pilaf.

1 cup brown rice

1/2 cup wild rice

small handful of dehydrated mushrooms (I used dried Bolete’s from the fall harvest but any will do)

1 bunch of wild radish and Dock leaves (many different combinations are possible, this is what I used)

3 garlic cloves

Olive oil

sea salt, pepper, Oregano, Thyme and or Parsley to taste

Saute olive oil with smashed garlic add rice and sea salt, stir together until rice is coated in the garlic olive oil. Pour 3 cups chicken or vegetable stock or water with herbs and salt. Cover and simmer 35-40 min. remove lid add 1T butter or oilve oil and wild greens with a dash of white wine and water if needed. Cover and steam the greens 3-4 min more. I served this pilaf with a saucy braised rabbit and it was divine! Let me know how you serve yours. BUON APPETITO!!