I LOOOve cardamon so I can fill the kitchen with this lovely scent anytime! Warming, grounding aromatherapy!  Elettaria cardamomum go on, fun to say it even!  Cardamon belongs to the same family as ginger and like it’s cousin it too is a warming carminative and digestive spice with an amazing flavor. Grind the decorticated seeds for the freshest flavor in a coffee grinder used only for herbs and spices. It blends well with orange, rose, saffron, turmeric and an array of dried fruits, chocolate, pistachio and almonds. So mix it up in these delicious rolls! Let me know your favorites.

So easy to make and this dough is very versatile, easily making nut rolls, cinnamon/ cardamon rolls, filled biscuits with sweet or savory fillings. I like to mix it up depending on my mood. I love cardamon rose with dried apricot and my son loves cinnamon rolls with raisins and walnuts. Keep the filling somewhat on the dry side for a tidy roll and enjoy the possibilities! I don’t eat dairy so these recipes will always have a dairy free alternative and I use only fresh organic ingredients for the best outcome.  There is a  wonderful gluten free dough recipe I give at the bottom as well. CHEERS! pre heat oven @ 425 degrees.

for the dough;

2 1/2 c flour (pastry or unbleached wheat)

1 1/2 t b powder

1/2 t b soda and salt

1 1/4 fermented milk (or half cup yogurt w/ milk or 1t raw apple cider vinegar in milk or vegan milk let stand 5 min)

6 T butter or organic palm shortening melted

2T sugar or 1T maple or agave syrup


1 1/2 T softened butter or shortening

1 cup sugar or 1/2 c Maple or Agave syrup

2 T cardamon or 3 T cinnamon

1/2 cup nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips etc…


3/4 C powdered sugar

juice of 1/2 orange, tangerine etc.. OR

1T maple syrup rose or orange flower hydrosol mix with fork until smooth


mix together dry ingredients. Than mix milk, melted butter and sugar. Mix in a mixer or by hand about 50 strokes. Knead on floured surface (or parchment paper) till elastic dough consistancy. Roll out to about 16in x 12 by 1/2 in thick.  Brush on butter syrup and sprinkle on spice than fillings evenly leaving 1/2 in or so dry at the end. Roll lengthwise taking care to roll with even pressure. Cut with serrated blade about 1 in wide. Lay face up on buttered baking pan or parchment paper in pan about 1 in space between. Bake 25 min @425. Remove from oven and let cool before icing brushing on evenly

. yummmmmmm